“This is remarkable work that helped me to get better from breast cancer!

Through these sessions I’ve learned that I had to heal painful issues from my childhood, as all my resentment that started my cancer went way back there! It was my emotions that caused my cancer!

Now this work has helped me to heal the old pain that came into the present, and I’ve found good health again.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done!”
~Laura Lilly, Asheville, North Carolina


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2010, and went for fifteen radiation treatments in the fall of 2010. After that, serious breast abscesses persisted for several months. Even after two operations, these would not go away.

Then I met Jess, and over a few weeks, her Renewell System brought me back to good health! Her work also helped me to find my hope and happiness again! I strongly recommend this method!”

~ Lindsay MacDonald, Portland, Ontario.



“The rapidity of reaching the root of the problem in just one session was impressive. Equally so was the apparent ease by which the solution was reached. This system is able to reach the subconscious mind where most negative life experiences are hidden.

The pursuit of new and innovative means to wellness in mind, body and spirit is a sound investment. I highly recommend this program.” ~Senior Government Administrator

“I was and still am amazed by the techniques you used. There was no endless talking. You found out my anger wasn’t so much at my spouse, but within myself, and my low self-esteem – that it was from with ME.
I only went to three two-hour sessions, and when I left I felt like a new person. I was no longer angry. I felt totally at peace! I know everyone close to me saw this, and they said so! You have done wonders!”
~Business Woman

“I was a shy extremely introverted, fearful person before this work changed my life. It helped me to love myself, to believe in myself, to BE myself, and to stand up for what I believe in!”
~Housewife and Mother



“I have found New Inner Peace, and a New Strength
that I have never felt before! Thank you!”

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